Pipe Fitter's Math Guide (Hamilton)

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152 pages
Published 1989
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Table of Contents
Preface Acknowledgments Fractions and Decimals
Converting Fractions to Decimals
  Converting Fractions of Inches to Decimal
  Converting Mixed Numbers to Decimals
  Converting a Fraction of a Foot to a Decimal
Converting Decimals to Fractions
  Converting a Decimal of an Inch to a Fraction
  Converting a Number with Decimals to a Mixed Number
  Converting a Decimal of a Foot to a Fraction
Memory Aid
  Doubling a Fraction
  Halving a Fraction
  Halving Mixed Numbers
Angle Names
Degrees and Circles
Degrees and Triangles

Squares Square Roots Right Triangles
Finding the Length of the Hypotenuse
Finding the Length of a Leg
Names of the Sides of a Right Triangle
Ratio of Sides
Memory Aid
Finding the Angles of a Right Triangle

  Finding the Angle Using the Calculator
  Finding the Angle Using the Functions Table
Using the Function Keys
Using the Inverse Key

  Using The Inverse Key with Functions
  Using the Inverse Key with the Arc Functions
Calculating a Right Triangle Using One Side and One Angle
The 45° Right Triangle

  45° Angles, Elbows, and Offsets

  Using the Diameter
  Using the Radius
The Unit Circle

  Finding the Radians for a Central Angle
  Finding the Arc Length
  Flanges using the Chord Lengths
  Marking Flanges with a Compass
Right Triangles in Circles
General Information

  Area of a Circle
  Volume of a Cylinder
Module Two Preface
Screwed Elbows
Socket Weld Elbows
Butt Weld Elbows

  Welder´s Gap
  Marking Butt Weld Elbows
    Easy Way Out
  Marking a 45° B.W. Elbow
Take Out
    Take Out Formula
Butt Weld Elbows
    90° B.W. Elbows
    45° B.W. Elbow
      Field Cut 45° B.W. Elbows
      Factory Made 45° B.W. Elbows
    Odd Angle Elbows
Screwed and Socket Weld Take Outs
  90° Screwed Elbows
  90° Socket Weld Elbows
  45° Screwed and Socket Weld Elbows
Pipe Offsets
Simple Offsets
  90° Simple Offset
  45° Simple Offset
    Face to Face
    The Shortest 45° Simple Offset
  Odd Angle Simple Offsets
Combination Offsets
  45° - 90° Combination Offset
    The Shortest 90°-45° Combination Offset
  90° - Odd Angle Combination Offset
    The Shortest Combination Offsets
Rolling Offsets
The Rolling Offset Box
  90° Rolling Offsets
  45° Rolling Offset
  Odd Angle Rolling Offsets
    Angle of Turn and Rise of a Rolling Offset
      The Angle of Turn
      The Angle of Rise
  Combination Rolling Offsets
Answers to the Practices Glossary Tables and Charts
The Dimensions for 90° Long Radius Butt Weld Elbows
The Shortest Combination Offsets
The Shortest Simple Offsets
Functions Table

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